Web Site Donors

For the first time since 2009 when our website became operational, we had to request donations in order to keep our site going.  Following are the classmates who came through for us, and for you, and we thank them!!  By our calculations we are set for the next 10 years!!  Thank you everyone for your donations and many, many kind words. 



Barry Applebaum

Dick Broadway

Bruce Brynolfson

Bill DeGlopper

Neil Dixon

Wendy Duchscherer (Martin)

Bob Duthie

Dave Gracie

Ron Gross

Bonnie Hagyard (Butler)

Dennis Howard

Mary Keary (Urban)

Jim Kershner

Dennis Laga

Frank Laughton

Frankie Logan (Brown)

Barb Newton (Flanders)

Mike Notery

Dave Nowinski

Ed Petit

Dan Pitkin

Marilyn Taylor (Kurzawa)

Mike Thompson

Ann Vivian (Hughes)

Hank Wedekindt

Karen Weigel (LaCotte}

Joe Zimmermann